A Drop In The Ocean


OK so it may be a drop in the ocean but small things do count as Olive and her  friends have been saying.   Kids seem to love to take charge of recycling at home, making models out of waste packaging and love even more to pull grown ups up for putting  recyclables in the rubbish bin!   We worked out that we received about 3500 envelopes last year and as of yet Hackney council don’t seem to offer a recycling service for businesses (correct me if I am wrong but I can’t seem to get an answer out of anyone!).  I love stationery and some of the envelopes that end up on our door mat have got interesting stamps on them,  words from franking machines and are in all sorts of colours so we are putting them to good use.  All of our address labels for our internet orders are handwritten on envelopes that we are recycling and customising with rubber stamps.

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