Sunday Times Style…21 June 2009

Sunday Times Style

We had a lovely feature in the Sunday Times Style last weekend that featured our house in Hackney. Lots of the things we have at home are from our shop or from friends shops, others are vintage treasures and hand me downs that I have collected along the way, and others are things I collected during my days as a shoe designer when I used to travel regularly to the Far East.

Sunday Times Style

Some people wanted to know more about the fantastic wall vinyl that I commissioned Ivy Bespoke to design for me; the Love and Peace posters from Dandy Star and Olives ark. What was a little more difficult was to tell people where I got the original vintage Miss Selfridges sign, carousel horse in Olives room or 30’s shop fittings because I started things in my late teens.

Contrary to the article I don’t buy things from Vintage Heaven but funnily enough I do Margaret know the lovely lady behind it all who always has time to chat. Vintage Heaven is just as it says and is in Columbia road one of my favourite streets in London. Margaret has an uncanny nack for finding midcentury crockery and kitchenware that seems to elude most of us. She also sells kitchen and bake ware that reminds me of my Grandma Oddies kitchen where we used to bake cakes and make toffee during our summer holidays in Lancashire. At the back of the shop you will find Cake Hole the aptly named east London tea room. A quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of the Sunday flower market outside you will be spoilt for choice with scrumptious home-made cakes and cream teas. 

  • Vintage Heaven, 82 Columbia Road, London, open Friday and Saturday 12-6, Sunday 9-6.
  • Cake Hole, 82 Columbia Road, London, open Saturday 12-6, Sunday 9-6.
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