Weaving Creation

At 3.30 when school is out we get to see lots of amazing creations making their way home along Stoke Newington Church Street.  Esther, age 6 , made this fantastically colourful woven art piece at school out of strips of fabrics and pipecleaners and an old cardboard box at William Patten Primary School.  When she came into the shop with her mummy I asked her if I could take a picture of it to give other people an idea of something they could make at home.  I asked her how long it had taken her to make it and she very proudly said “nearly all day”.   So here it is…


Woven by Esther age 6

Try it at home by punching a row of holes in an old shoe box a few centimeters down from the top along both of the short sides.  Thread string or coloured wool from one side to the other, in and out, left to right to left and so on, to create parallel strings that make a perfect base for weaving.  Let your kids collect strips of fabrics, pipe cleaners, ribbons and string to make their own colourful design.

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