Love love love Cornershop

Vibrant colour, illustration, music and nostalgia are just some of my passions. You can imagine my delight at the sound and sight of the new Cornershop album and their new video Soul School.   I love the pop vibe of orange and pink combined together.   It was the first choice for my own logo when we designed it in 2006 and for Cornershops new album cover too.

Our Logo

Available now £10 from Olive Loves Alfie

I have got my heart set on a copy of one of their posters to hang up on my wall at home alongside  my collection of hand printed posters from Dandy Star and General Pattern that are all available from our boutique

In the late 90’s I jumped on and off the Cornershop tour bus in Europe and the US when they were busy  quite literally touring the world and being nominated for the prestigious Mercury Awards.  I have some very fond memories of carefree days, hopes and dreams.

Almost a decade later and life has taken a very different but equally brilliant direction for everyone.  Olive is almost 7 and her lovely daddy is still their drummer, she has her own drum kit and raves about Cornershop to her friends.   I often see Tjinder and his wife Marie in Stoke Newington and have had many an amusing conversation with Ariel their eldest son.  A few weeks ago they came into Olive Loves Alfie to buy their Spotty Otter winter coats.  And so it seems the whole world is growing up ever so quickly.

Illustrations by Abi Williams from Soul School the new Cornershop video

It’s heartwarming to see that Cornershop are back brighter than before.  With artwork created by Abi Williams from Rude and her quite brilliant directorial debut  they are serving up a visual feast that I whole heartedly approve of.   If my recommendation isn’t enough try these for size.

“its the best album this decade since their last album this decade” x-reflex magazine, Japan

“Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast, this bold fresh sounding album makes them a candidate for the quintessential 21st century pop group” MOJO

“Love the new ‘Shop album!  Instantly amazing” NME

“Clever and engaging, happily detached from the mainstream – an admirable way to continue down an improbable career path” The Guardian

Album of The Week ratings: The Guardian 4/5, Independent 4/5, Metro 4/5,Independent On Sunday 4/5.
big issue 4/5,Uncut 4/5, MOJO 4/5,Daily Mirror 4/5, the sun 4.5/5,Daily Express4/5, Sunday Times 4/5, Elle Magazine 4/5 News Of The World, Album of the Week 5/5

Go no further you can now buy their new album from our boutique and will soon be available on our online shop £ 10.

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