Olive Loves Anna Jouli

Hey Spring!    Walk this way with Anna Jouli

Memories of Annas childhood in Russia are integral to her creativity and her imagination.

“Early one spring. I was in the kitchen with my mother and the sun was pooring through the old laced curtains. Then my mother asked me to look out of the window and said that spring had come and that spring had brought a special gift for me. In the very next moment I heard someone knocking on the front door, and as I ran out and opened it, I saw a little toy kitchen set waiting there for me.

It felt so good! Like an act of generosity from something very big, warm, powerful and real. Since that time, I have always imagined spring as a mystical creature who comes and brings you gifts of inspiration”.

I discovered Anna Joulie just before Christmas and I fell in love with her work and the playful vibrant energy that she has.  I fell in love with one of  Annas illustrations and was thrilled to exhibit it in our window.

“Winter has been so long, way too long in London, and it feels like it is never going to leave the town. That’s why I’ve decided to make this poster and invite spring over to Olive Loves Alfie.  She is on her way, she is probably just waiting for a call”.

We have a limited edition of posters by Anna Jouli so that you can take her mystical creature home with you.

Stay bright!

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