I Becomes We…a project by Mara Bodis-Wollner

One of the things I love about being in our store is the depth of conversation that often happens.   I have heard lots of stories about womens experiences of pregnancy that are incredibly moving.  It can be a time of joy, fear, struggle, uncertainty, exhaustion and elation.  It’s a time that seems to last for eternity but soon enough it ends and memories fade.  When I met photographer Mara Bodis-Wollner I was drawn to her intensely emotive work. 

You can see Mara’s work  on her new website I Becomes We  “ My aim is to create portraits that reflect the woman as well as her pregnancy. For me, being pregnant was a supreme experience. I was amazed by my body’s abilities and I’m still in awe of pregnant women. I’m interested in the tension between the myriad emotions that emerge during such an exquisite time. I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture the hovering space between who you were and who you’re becoming.”

Mara was born and raised in New York where she studied photography at N.Y.U’s Tisch School of the Arts and received her M.F.A from Bard College. She has had numerous shows of her artwork, which is available through Jen Bekman gallery in New York. Mara has taught on the faculty of NYU’s Department of Photography and Imaging and the International Center of Photography. She now lives and works full time in London.

For more information and prices contact Mara on marabw@gmail.com

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