BoyGirl Style From Our Favourite New British Label

We opened Olive Loves Alfie in 2006 against a predictable and perscriptive landscape of pink and blue gender specified clothing.   When I spoke to people about my stance and concept of trying to encourage authenticity in our children I could see that I wasn’t on my own and that it was time for a new way of thinking, being and doing.  With a rise in contemporary independent stores and free thinking designers things have begun to change though there is still resistance out there.  There is evidence on the high street that the giants are taking notice of trail blazing ideas and style but there is still some way to go if we are ever to be a culture that embraces individuality and self expression. 

Meeting Kate Pietrasik, founder and visionary behind the new British label Tootsa MacGinty added fuel to our united fire. 

Check out the debut collection available online now from Olive Loves Alfie

all images copyright Tootsa MacGinty 2011

Dungarees for boys or girls  from £31…6-12 months to 4-5 years

Stripe tees for boys or girls from £22…12 months to 4-5 years.

…and The Fox Sweater my personal favourite £31…3-6 months to 4-5 years

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  1. Posted June 8, 2011 at 4:28 pm | Permalink

    This definately strikes a cord with me, when my oldest daughter was a baby (17 years ago!) it was virtually impossible to buy anything but white, pale pink or maybe lemon. Due her small size it was at the time also difficult to buy clothes, so my mum made her clothes in my choice of fabrics. I remember she had a little snow suit in bright red with rainbow hearts on it. I loved it but I did get lots of comments on why she was dressed in such strong colours. I have spent much of her life trying to encourage to be her own person and not a follower of the flock with mixed results!
    Love your blog

  2. Posted June 8, 2011 at 4:50 pm | Permalink

    kerry…sounds like you found the joy of the handmade dressing making culture that was so popular 17 years ago…glad you are loving the blog. x

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