Recycle, Reinvent, Reuse.

Out with the old and in with the new… Olive is lucky enough to be growing up with an enviable source of lovely and interesting things around her from our store…so it’s my job to make sure that:-

a. she doesn’t end up with too much

b. she appreciates all she has

As well as a visit to the charity shop a  great way to do that is to get up at the crack of dawn, pile the car up with boxes of possessions and out grown clothes and head off to a local car boot sale.  We kept it as local as we could and went to Dalston Car Boot Sale that has been getting mixed reviews in the likes of  Time Out.  If nothing else it is a productive way to pass the time, was a great lesson in mental arithmetic that they have been talking to us about at school and brings a new meaning to a family day out.  We took along clothes from Mini Rodini, Katvig, Dandy Star and ShampoodleIt was testiment to the longevity of the clothes that we sell in our store.  Katvig leggings and tees that have been family favourites for over 2 years were good enough to have a 2nd lease of life!   The haggling was fierce but if you are happy to see someone find pleasure in reinventing something you have long grown out of or don’t have room for then you won’t be dissappointed.  For children the pennies add up quite nicely and it reinforces that just because something has passed its sell by date in your life it still has lots of mileage.


At the end of the day we went home via a charity shop to drop off anything we had left over and then fell in a big heap on the sofa for a lovely afternoon.

Olive wore her cool tee from Dandy Star, lightning leggings from Mini Rodini, a constellation hooded top from Bobo Choses and a bling winged heart necklace I have my eye on!

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