Olive Loves Tutu Du Monde

When I first saw the collection of dresses from Tutu Du Monde they reminded me of an authentic vintage tutu that we have at home that featured recently in our halloween shoot.  The tutu is question was found at the bottom of an old suitcase on a vintage stall at a festival and it has been coveted ever since.  It has been worn by almost every child who has visited us (and that extends to a few of our favourite boys) and enjoyed by every parent whose child has appeared in the kitchen looking all kinds of wonderful.  When it isn’t being worn it isn’t wrapped in tissue and put away into a special box.  Instead it hangs on the corner of one of our doors a little more frayed that it was before bringing a sense of make believe and magic to our home.

I have dreamt about recreating the tutu in question many times so of course I fell in love with Tutu Du Monde in an instant. The collection from Tutu Du Monde captures the magic that we play with at home and at Olive Loves Alfie.  

Our parcel is on it’s way and will arrive before the weekend.  In the tradition of keeping something as special as it deserves to be we have ordered a few select pieces.  The Prices range from £120 to £125 and sizes from 2-3 to 10-11 years.  Use our gift wrapping service and make it a perfect present for Chistmas day.


Andrea Rembeck the designer and wonderful creator of Tutu Du Monde is on my list of people that I would love to meet.



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