Yes To Being A Woman

I’m waiting for an email from Papier Mache Magazine this morning and inbetween reading my other emails I have followed link after link making beautiful discoveries that ring bells and chime with my already thoughts.

Writing a piece for Papier Mache this week along with my musings about Matilda (the only doll to have graced our shelves at Olive Loves Alfie) has made me ponder on the gifts that I would like to give to Olive.  It’s an interesting one to think about.

My list of gifts for Olive = authenticity, bravery, curosity, openess, spontenity and wisdom.

Just as daughters around the world are women of the future I want to empower my daughter to embrace her individuality and not to fall victim to the misconception that ‘real love’ is that of ‘true love’ depicted in fairy stories.  I delight in the fact that Olive hasn’t been seduced by images of beautiful princesses just as I adore the way she mixes it up with her boyish haircuts, vintage frocks, ties, skinny jeans, dr martens one day glitter mary janes the next.  I have learnt to expect the unexpected from my daughter and I love her for it.

From looking at the amazing short film by Ellen Von Unwerth of Giffords Circus shot for Lula Magazine (way out way best womens magazine by far) I discovered my favourite new blog .  Created by writer, casting agent and style icon Natalie Joos Tales of Endearment that tells stories of friends, vintage, love style and  life.    I loved Natalies feature about  Sarah Sophie Flicker who as self confessed pro-girl, pro-feminist, pro-fashion, pro-flouncy, pro-girly movement positively embraces womanhood.  Kill Your Darlings is the rather poignant and beautiful film made by The Belles of the Black Diamond Field the production company of Sarah Sophie and Maximilla Lukacs that talks of loves failures, the reality of love and all that it means….really go watch…X

Sarah Sophie we salute your impeccible style, boundless vision and talent whilst holding on tightly and proudly to your individual feminity.




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