Olive Loves Alfie Colour

I have been wondering why I haven’t blogged about our new paint range Olive Loves Alfie Colour?

Creating colours that all have their own personality has been a dream and I think in truth i’m not sure that I want to wake up.  But it’s almost time to launch Olive Loves Alfie Colour and I am totally buzzing so I think I should probably get blogging.  Serendipity has been along for the ride and I just love how the story has unfolded.

A few months ago I started working with an interesting photographer Tom McLennan.  Here the dream started!   I have been banging on about collaborating forever and a day and so had he.  Putting our individual vision into what has become our signature mix created the beginning of some really exciting work together.  One of my favourite publications Papier Mache Magazine loved our first shoot and asked us to produce a series of portraits of Olive for an editorial piece for their January 2012 issue.  Just published the timing is perfect!

Meanwhile meeting Helen from the Nursery Paint Company was one of those open and honest meetings that ended up providing us both with a great opportunity.   It has been a new and exciting focus since just before Christmas and all is about to be revealed.   Whilst working on my exclusive Olive Loves Alfie Colour palette, inspired by old fashioned postcards,  we began play around with colour tinting the images of Olive.

In the midst of creative splendor I had a meeting with Alice from Future Frock that went something like this.

Alice “I have an idea about a shoot with organic paint for the new Future Lifestyle section”

Me “really, wow we are just developing a range of eco paints in fashion colours”

For those of you that don’t know about future frock check it out…their nuturing angle of empowerment dressing, reporting and documenting quite beautifully things from the world of fashion that have soul is heart warming.  If you check it out on 1st February 2012 you will see the shoot we worked on together with photographer James Gardiner and stylist Lucy Bloomfield.


and breathe…

So inbetween the excitement of shoots, developing colours and being shortlisted for Best For Children in The Telegraph Best Small Shop Award we started naming our paints.  The inspiration behind the colours were things that Olive and I love…circus fonts…trapeze artists…old silk dresses…festivals…cabaret…fairgrounds and caravans.

Enter Ring Master and his followers the Usherette and the Showgirl.

Creating an installation for Bubble London…the contemporary children’s design show…has been so much fun and the snowball just keeps on rolling.  Photography…salvaged furniture…and old fashioned wooden toys are very much a part of my world and so I wanted them all to be part of our installation.

Our editorial piece will be out in Papier Mache Magazine at the show and the pictures in our installation are from the shoot that Tom and I worked on for the magazine.  Salvaged furniture sourced and revived with the help of my fav new shop on the block Committee of Taste is part of it too along with some revived old wooden toys.

And like I say “colour is my music on a quiet day”…just as well because I have been too busy to turn the radio on.

Olive Loves Alfie Colour will be available instore and from www.olivelovesalfie.co.uk and www.nurserypaint.co.uk this Spring.


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  1. Posted February 23, 2012 at 8:11 pm | Permalink

    Go girl! This all sounds very exciting. Beautiful pictures of Olive. Can’t wait to see the range – and Committee of Taste is my favourite shopping ground these days! Loving local, well done Ashlyn. x

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