“10 Girls…Are You Crazy?”…Olive’s 9th Birthday Sleepover Camp

Olive’s 9th birthday arrived to the tune of incredible excitement and great expectation!  9 girls arrived for a disco sleepover in top party spirit with sleeping bags, lovely presents and sweets for a much planned “secret” midnight feast.

“10 girls are you crazy?”…very possibly but to be honest 10 girls scares me far less than 10 boys ever would!

We didn’t need a magician with a rabbit in a hat!  Tiggwani the cat arrived right on cue with a special birthday present from the pond in the garden next door – a large live toad – which gave the party some instant and very popular Gothic glamour!.   The girls got stuck into playing good old fashioned party games egged on by the added attraction of gruesome and hilarious forfeits!   Olive was  a source of great amusement at parties when she was younger when she spent more time eating carrot sticks than fairy cakes.  I wasn’t sure how well it would go down but I was pretty chuffed when the revellers devoured an enormous bowl of fresh summer berries with the same speed that they would have filled up on sugary sweets  (a carefully calculated result to keep sugar overload at bay until later..this had the potential to turn into an epic night!) .  Taking the music very much into their own hands  the hula hooping  disco went into full swing under a huge mirror ball whilst we turned the kitchen into a pizzeria.   The girls made and ate their own weird and wonderful pizzas that they seemed to be incredibly proud of – which was what really mattered.    They made crazy tunes by blowing bubbles into bottles of elderflower pop and then proceeded to talk hind legs off what seemed like every donkey in the land.  When they were satisfied and when each of them had had their say they rushed upstairs where to my amazement PJ’s were on and sleeping bags rolled out way before I had expected.   With great excitement everyone settled down for film night that slid nicely into a secret (shush!) midnight feast and a not so secret midnight disco part 2!!!.

Morning came (eventually) and so did the dawn chorus and the girls breakfast cafe where they whipped up blueberry smoothies and  homemade pancakes that were better than the ones I make…amazing!

Would I do it again…of course I would!





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  1. Posted April 24, 2012 at 8:22 pm | Permalink

    oh please, please, please, can I come and be a 9 year old at your house, this looks like it was so much fun. Happy days.

  2. Mavis Gulliver
    Posted April 25, 2012 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    You’re a star. It looks like the party to end all parties. Lucky, lucky Olive.

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