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We are back again this season with lots of new and exciting brands that we have fallen in love with.  Get ready to discover the best that is new in contemporary design for children with Olive Loves Alfie. Our house favourites Bobo Choses, Dandy StarMini Rodini and Molo are already in store.  Shop the collections here! There will be more for you to discover throughout the season so to make sure you are in the loop you can check us out daily on facebook, twitter and pinterest.

First up is the new playful and organic brand Indikidual.   Ticking all of our boxes Indikidual doesn’t draw any real distinction between boys and girls, instead it allows children to be little individuals.   Founder Syreeta Johnson looks back at her childhood and projects into the future as she answers our Q&A this month.


Q. Where did you grow up? A. In Suffolk, by the seaside

Q. Do you have a nickname that you like? A. I often get called ‘Rita’ not sure if I like it though!

Q. Describe yourself in 3 words? A. Happy go lucky!

Q. When you were a child what did you imagine you would be when you grew up? A. When I was really small I was set on being a chiropodist. Luckily I found a love of clothing and fashion instead, from an early age me and my best friend used to scour our local charity shops looking for ways to imitate fashion trends

Q. Did you have a favourite item of clothing when you were a child? A. I have older sisters so always wanted to look like them, I remember my oldest sister wearing a rara skirt and ruffle shirt for her 18th birthday, I was only 8 but wore a replica outfit to her party, she was not pleased. I loved that outfit (and the jelly shoes I used to wear with it!)

Q. What was your first job? A. I used to sell candyfloss and ice cream at the sea front every summer

Q. How would you describe your style? A. Pretty laid back, I’m not into looking too ‘done up’ I rarely wear make up, instead I dress up out fits with killer heels.

Q. What are you reading? A. Nothing at the moment! Too busy! Im reading a lot of  Scandinavian interior design magazines as we are taking over the guest house at my in laws Swedish summer house next year

Q. Who is cool? A. My daughter Minnie, she reminds me to be care free and have fun which I think is what being cool is all about

Q. What is cool? A. My new Nike high tops – best mum shoes!

Q. What scares you? A. Snakes, we just had one living under the deck at the summer house, yuck!

Q. What inspires you?  A. The feed back I have had so far has been really inspiring, I get so many lovely emails from parents saying they love indikidual, It gives me confidence to carry on designing!

Q. What is your idea of a perfect day? A. Meeting up with my all my friends and their kids and having a big pub lunch together (I’m in Sweden at the moment so missing English comfort food!)

Q. What do you think makes indikidual unique? A. The range is all about inspiring kids so I try to use prints that they can relate to such as (bananas and funny faces). The colour pallets are very primary but have a cool edge. I think indikidual is unique because its functional, designed for kids but with a quirky fashion edge.

So on that note check out this fun little video for some Indikidual inspiration….. and to celebrate our new discovery  we are offering 10% discount on Indikidual for the bank holiday weekend.  The offer starts on Saturday 26th August and runs until midnight on Monday 28th August.  To redeem the offer just enter MOLIVELOVESTODAY when you check out.

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