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I have always loved looking at art with Olive. It isn’t just about enjoying art; it’s about discovering more about Olive by looking at art together. To see Olive respond to art, and to interpret it instinctively without any preconceived ideas is a thing of purity, and it provides a great insight into her mind.

Looking at a Kandinsky in the Tate Modern when Olive was 5 provoked a spontaneous round of applause. Chris Ofili’s ‘The Last Supper’ wowed Olive to the point of wanting to create her own Ofili monkey to hang on her bedroom wall. Last weekend a visit to Endri Kosturis studio in East London made a strong impression on Olive. She loved the vibrancy of colour, the contrast of black, the words scratched into his paintings, and the paint splattered studio floor.

On Sunday I taped off a huge space on Olive’s bedroom wall. I covered the rest of the wall and floor with plastic and opened sample pots of our soya based paint range that we launched earlier this year in collaboration with The Nursery Paint Company.

Olive isn’t confident about figurative drawing and often condemns her art to the bin. I have thoughts about that; but figure the best approach is to curb my frustration, give her access to a range of art materials and encourage her to experiment and express herself in ways that make her happy.

I thoroughly recommend giving a child a wall they can call their own!

You can find out more about Endri Kosturi here.

If you are feeling inspired you can get your fix at Frieze Art Fair Sculpture Park  11-14 October. Located in the beautiful surroundings of the English Garden, it is a quick walk from the main fair in Regents Park and exhibits new works by both established and emerging artists. Even better, entry to the Sculpture Park is free to the public!

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  1. Posted October 6, 2012 at 10:55 am | Permalink

    Olive you should keep painting, because you are a Natural Born Colorist, something extremely rare even among the great masters.


    please update me with you marvellous works!

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