Playing Shop

Having a very chuffed and happy Olive spend a day with me in the shop recently bought back all kinds of memories.  I’m not quite sure why playing shop holds so much excitement but I can remember it being one of my favourite things too.   One of the big events when I used to stay with my Grandma was going to work with her on a Saturday afternoon to help out during her shift at Oxfam.   I loved the bus ride there through Lancashire villages, the day in the shop, the big slices of cake at tea break and the happy journey home together after a job well done.   Spending time with Olive in the shop made me realise just how much she has grown up.  Given the chance children are more than capable of doing many of the things we do ourselves.  Letting go and giving children the space and responsibility to have new experiences and to express themselves brings with it a sense of achievement and success.  I can highly recommend it.


Olive wore her Brunhilda Tutu over footless tights, with Dr Martens and her favourite Lurex Cardi.


Before we left for the day Olive made a list of  presents to choose from  for her cousin Isabella’s first magical Christmas.  After much deliberation she wrote down a knitted teddy bear (“because it has a great face and i think it would be a good friend “), an alpacha dress from Waddler (“because it’s so soft and it isn’t pink!”),  Bruno Munari Zoo (“because someone bought me the same book and I still love it”).

The question on Olive’s lips…”When can I come and help you again?”….

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  1. Mavis Gulliver
    Posted November 21, 2012 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

    Just love this blog – great to see Olive loving the things you used to love. And her choice of presents for her cousin, with the reasons why she chose them is brilliant – and says a lot about her. xx

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