Lichtenstein: A mini-retrospective at Olive Loves Alfie!

Finally made it to the Roy Lichtenstein retrospective at the Tate Modern, and loved it so much I went twice in the final few days! Although Lichtenstein’s distinctive pop style has been endlessly reproduced, borrowed and copied over the last few decades, the colourful images taken from comic strips, Disney and other artists still pack a powerful punch when face to face with the original paintings. These iconic and well loved images, such as “Whaam!” (1963), are still as fresh and modern today as the day they were conceived. It was also interesting to see Lichtenstein’s take on other artists’ work, notably Picasso and the cubists, Mondrian and Matisse among many others.

Whaam! 1963 by Roy Lichtenstein 1923-1997

However if you didn’t make it before the show closed on 27th May, fear not you can still get your Lichtenstein fill at Olive Loves Alfie, you can find a mini-retrospective in the form of ‘Roy Lichtenstein’s ABC,’ a stylish journey through the alphabet, illustrated with images from his vast collection of work. Young budding artists can be further inspired by the pop art style with Andy Warhol “A Colouring Book; Drawings by Andy Warhol,” a large format colouring book full of his simple but beautiful images to fill in and decorate. Also, with a fab collection of felt pens of all shapes, sizes and colours and finger paints for the true creative free spirit your children can be entertained for hours with some great activity books such as “My Big Photo Activity Book,” “Let’s Make Great Art” and “My Monster Bubble Writer Book.” Inspiring and fun for children of all ages. And dont forget, send us your childrens artwork to pin on our Childrens Pinterest Art Gallery for the chance to win art materials every month.

my-monster-bubble-writer-book-3009768-150-1369934480000                         roy-lichtensteins-abc-3009770-150-1369934480000                          a-colouring-book-andy-warhol-3009382-150-1355589695000

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