Turning Japanese

I was obsessed with the 80‘s band Japan in my youth. I wore chopsticks in my hair, stretched out a kimono on a bamboo cane on my bedroom wall like a giant butterfly and was a dab hand at painting flicky bits of eye liner all in a bid to make myself look oriental.  I dreamt of visiting the land of the rising sun and put it out there as a place I wanted to feature in my grown up life. Fast forward almost 2 decades and I found myself flying to Tokyo twice a year to take pictures of Tokyo street style researching for the next shoe collection that I was designing. I loved the flamboyant fashion, the culture, the food and the cherry blossom. I found a tiny shop selling vintage kimonos and each trip I picked out a new one to take home with me.


These images are taken from my new book Creative Family Home – Nadine Richter’s Home in Berlin – co founder of Noe & Zoe 

“the image captures the spirit of Hanami, the tradition of picnicking beneath the cherry blossom trees in Japan”

above photography Rachel Whiting – words Ashlyn Gibson – copyright Ryland Peters & Small


above photography Julia Bostock for Milk Magazine

Olive grew up wearing kimonos and sleeping under a cherry blossom mural. She recently grew out of her bedroom and we had all change at home. I lucked out and ended up with putting my desk under the sakura tree and that is where I sat and wrote my new book Creative Family Home. Japan in all her beauty and her quirkiness had become a fundamental part of my style. Trips to beautifully curated, individual independent stores gave me a yearning to open my own shop – a mix of japanese, vintage and scandinavian style.  Fast forward a decade and Olive Loves Alfie was born.

This season we have introduced our own range of limited edition printed kimonos.  Boys and girls can rock them in equal measures. Wearing a kimono creates a sense of fun and dressing up.  They are the cool equivalent of a sensible little shirt that shout out “ninja”. Made in the East End of London in support of a fair trade project.

 coy kimono kick coy kimono head

photography Fern Berresford

kimono £34.99

woodland leggings £24.99

fringed desert boots £45

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