Olive Loves Alfie began as a kid’s boutique in Stoke Newington, London in 2006. Today we have a boutique and an on-line shop selling to customers around the world. The shop is the place where it all comes together and most of the time things are suprisingly calm.  Behind the scenes things are quite honestly much more frantic. 

Olive Loves Alfie was conceived after working in the fashion business for almost 20 years. My first venture was Rubber Works, a jewellery label established in 1984 when I was 20.  Our label became recognised in London, Paris New York and Tokyo and on the pages of British style magazines. Towards the end of the 80’s things began to feel very different as we went head first into the recession of the early 90’s.  I lost heart, began to wind things down and made plans to go to India.

Things rarely go to plan and after a chance meeting with a painter I decided to stay in London and apply to Cordwainers to study footwear. Cordwainers graduates include Jimmy Choo. Patrick Cox, Georgina Goodman and Beatrix Ong.  Inspired and excited about a new direction I worked for the next 10 years as a footwear designer and ultimately was Head of Creative for Red or Dead footwear.  I had a cupboard full of sketch books and photographs and well-read maps of Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Paris and New York.  My address book was full of  inspiring shops and gallerys, flea markets and street markets, restaurants and bars and hotels all over the world.

When Olive was born I decided that I wanted to change pace so put my ideas together and in 2006 I opened Olive Loves Alfie.

Lots of things inspire me that I don’t talk about on our website so I wanted to start a blog where I can paste things you might find interesting too.  We always have lots of news too so thought it was about time we kept you upto date with everything that is happening here.

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